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By adopting quality as a way of life, We at OAPlus Construction have adopted the principle of providing maximum quality service with an honest and principled approach.

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Contemporary, premium quality, aluminium and wooden front doors

OA Plus Construction, Kitchen and Door Systems specialise in the supply of highly insulated modern aluminium and wooden doors that offer exceptional quality combined with contemporary and traditional designs.

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• 100% aluminum structure, and external coating 100% in ACM.

• High technology, durability and resistant to sun and rain.

• Painting warranty of up to 15yrs.



OAPLUS kitchens are highlighted by exquisite custom cabinetry and designs, the firm has worked on a wide variety of styles, receiving multiple happy feedback. In addition to its professional services.


OAPLUS has been the recipient of several successful projects.

We provide insight into the best renovations, and constructions, highlighting popular styles and unique touches.

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Our range of premium, contemporary, modern front doors suit every style and budget